Musique :

001 drno_cd.jpg (21497 octets)
bulletDr NO

Musique : John BARRY & Monty NORMAN
Chanson : -

1. James Bond Theme (Monty Norman)
2. Kingston Calypso
3. Jamaican Rock
4. Jump Up
5. Audio Bongo
6. Under The Mango Tree
7. Twisting With James
8. Jamaica Jazz
9. Under The Mango Tree
10. Jump Up
11. Dr. No's Fantasy
12. Kingston Calypso
13. The Island Speaks
14. Under The Mango Tree
15. The Boy's Chase
16. Dr No's Theme
17. The James Bond Theme
18. Love At Last

002 frwl_cd.jpg (20904 octets)
bulletFrom Russia With Love
Musique : John BARRY
Chanson : Matt Monroe

1. Opening Titles - James Bond Is Back - From Russia With Love - James Bond Theme
2. Tania Meets Klebb (Barry J. ; Norman M.)
3. Meeting In St. Sophia (Barry J.)
4. The Golden Horn (Barry J.)
5. Girl Trouble (Barry J.)
6. Bonds Meets Tania (Barry J.)
7. 007 (Barry J.)
8. Gypsy Camp (Barry J.)
9. Death Of Grant (Barry J.)
10. From Russia With Love (Sung By Matt Monroe)(Bart)
11. Spectre Island (Barry J.)
12. Guitar Lament (Barry J.)
13. Man Overboard - Smersh In Action (Barry J.)
14. James Bond With Bongos (Norman M.)
15. Stalking (Barry J.)
16. Leila Dances (Barry J.)
17. Death Of Kerin (Bart ; Barry)
18. 007 Takes The Lektor (Barry J.)

003 goldfinger_cd.jpg (23713 octets)
Musique : John BARRY
Chanson : Shirley BASSEY

1. Main Title - Goldfinger (Sung By Bassey Shirley) - Into Miami
2. Alpine Drive - Auric's Factory
3. Oddjob's Pressing Engagement
4. Bond Back In Action Again
5. Teasing The Korean
6. Gassing The Gangsters
7. Goldfinger (Instrumental Version)
8. Dawn Raid On Fort Knox
9. The Arrival Of The Bomb And Count Down
10. The Death Of Goldfinger - End Titles 

004 thunderball_cd.jpg (46170 octets)
Musique : John BARRY
Chanson : Tom JONES

1. main tittle - thunderball (Tom Jones)
2. château flight
3. the spa
4. switching the body
5. the bomb
6. cape martinique
7. thunderball
8. death of fiona
9. bond below disco volante
10. search for vulcan
11. 007
12. mr. kiss kiss bang bang 

005 yolt_cd.jpg (26378 octets)
bulletYou Only Live Twice
Musique : John BARRY
Chanson : Nancy Sinatra

1. You Only Live Twice - Title Song (Sung By Nancy Sinatra)
2. Capsule In Space
3. Fight At Kobe Dock - Helga
4. Tanaka's World
5. A Drop In The Ocean
6. The Death Of Aki
7. Mountains And Sunsets
8. The Wedding
9. James Bond - Astronaut
10. Countdown For Blofeld
11. Bond Averts World War Three
12. You Only Live Twice - End Title

006 ohmss_cd.jpg (27516 octets)
bulletOn Her Majesty's Secret Service
Musique : John BARRY
Chanson : Louis ARMSTRONG

1. we have all the time in the world (Louis Armstrong)
2. this never happened to the other feller
3. try
4. ski chase
5. do you know how christmas trees are grown ?
6. main theme - on her majesty's secret service
7. journey to blofeld's hideaway
8. we have all the time in the world
9. over & out
10. battle at piz gloria
11. we have all the time in the world (james bond theme) 

007 daf_cd.jpg (31947 octets)
bulletDiamonds Are Forever
Musique : John BARRY
Chanson : Shirley BASSEY

1. Diamonds Are Forever (Main Title) (Sung By Bassey Shirley)
2. Bond Meets Bambi And Thumper
3. Moon Buggy Ride
4. Circus, Circus
5. Death At The White House
6. Diamonds Are Forever
7. Diamonds Are Forever
8. Bond Smells A Rat
9. Tiffany Case
10. 007 And Counting
11. Q's Trick
12. To Hell With Blofeld 

008 lalt_cd.jpg (19044 octets)
bulletLive And Let Die
Musique : George MARTIN
Chanson : Paul McCARTNEY

1. main title : live and let die (Paul McCartney)
2. Just a closer walk with thee / New second line
3. Bond meets Solitaire
4. Whisper who dares
5. Snakes alive
6. Baron Samedi's dance of death
7. San Monique
8. Fillet of soul-no / Live and let die / Fillet of soul
9. Bond drops in
10. If he finds it, kill him
11. Trespassers will be eaten
12. Solitaire gets her cards 
13. Sacrifice 
14. James Bond Theme 

009 tmwtgg_cd.jpg (31008 octets)
bulletThe Man With The Golden Gun
Musique : John BARRY
Chanson : Lulu

1. main title : the man with the golden gun
2. scaramanga's fun house
3. chew me in crisly land
4. the man with the golden gun
5. getting the bullet
6. goodnight goodnight
7. let's go get'em
8. hip's trip
9. kung fu fight
10. in search of scaramanga's island
11. return to scaramanga's fun house
12. end title : the man with the golden gun 

010 tswlm_cd.jpg (31454 octets)
bulletThe Spy Who Loved Me
Musique : Marvin HAMLISCH
Chanson : Carly SIMON

1. nobody does it better (Sung by Carly Simon)
2. bond 77 (james bond theme)
3. ride to atlantis
4. mojave club
5. nobody does ti better (instrumental)
6. anya
7. the tanker
8. the pyramids
9. eastern lights
10. conclusion
11. end titles - nobody does it better (Sung by Carly Simon) 

011 Moonraker
Musique : John BARRY
Chanson : Shirley BASSEY

1. main title : Moonraker (
Shirley BASSEY)
2. Space lazer battle
3. Miss Goodhead meets Bond
4. Cable car and snake fight
5. Bond lured to pyramid
6. Flight into space
7. Bond arrives in Rio and Boat chase
8. Centrifuge and Corinne put down
9. Bond smells a rat
10. End title - Moonraker

bulletFor Your Eyes Only
Musique : Bill CONTI
Chanson : -

1. For Your Eyes Only
2. Drive in the Country
3. Take Me Some
4. Melina's Revenge
5. Gonzales Takes a Drive
6. St. Cyril's Monastery
7. Make It Last All Night
8. Runaway
9. Submarine
10. For Your Eyes Only
11. Cortina
12. P.M. Gets the Bird/For Your Eyes Only (Reprise)
13. Gunbarrel/Flowers for Teresa/Sinking the St. Georges
14. Unfinished Business/Bond Meets Kristatos
15. Ski....Shoot....Jump....
16. Goodbye, Countess/No Head for Heights/Dining Alone
17. Recovering the Atac
18. Sub Vs. Sub
19. Run Them Down/The Climb

013 octopussy_cd.jpg (26429 octets)
Musique : John BARRY
Chanson : Rita Coolidge

1. All Time High (Rita Coolidge)
2. Bond Look Alike
3. Miss Penelope
4. 009 Gets The Knife And Gorbinda Attacks
5. That's My Little Octopussy
6. Arrival At The Island Of Octopussy
7. Introducing Mr Bond
8. Bond At The Monsoon Palace
9. Bond Meets Octopussy
10. Poison Pen
11. Yo Yo Fight And Death Of Vijay
12. The Chase Bomb Theme
13. The Palace Fight
14. All Time High 

014 avtak_cd.jpg (22127 octets)
bulletA View To A Kill
Musique : John BARRY
Chanson : Duran Duran

015 tld_cd.jpg (14226 octets)
bulletThe Living Daylights
Musique : John BARRY
Chanson : A-HA

1. The Living Daylights (A-ha)
2. Necros attacks
3. The sniper was a woman
4. Ice chase
5. Kara meets Bond
6. Koskov escapes
7. Where has everybody gone (The Pretenders)
8. Into Vienna
9. Hercules takes off
10. Mujahadin and opium
11. Inflight fight
12. If there was a man (The Pretenders)

Bonus Material
13. Exercise at Gibraltar
14. Approaching Kara 
15. Murder at the fair 
16. "Assassin" and drugged 
17. Airbase jailbreak 
18. Afghanistan plan 
19. Air Bond 
20. Final confrontation 
21. Alternate end titles 

016 ltk_cd.jpg (13916 octets)
bulletLicence To Kill
Musique : Michael KAMEN
Chanson : Gladys KNIGHT

1. Licence to kill (
Gladys KNIGHT)
2. Wedding party
3. Dirty love
4. Pam
5. If you asked me to
6. James & Felix on their way to church
7. His funny valentine
8. Sanchez is in the Bahamas / Shark fishing
9. Ninja
10. Licence revoked

017 goldeneye_cd.jpg (23183 octets)
Musique : Eric SERRA
Chanson : Tina TURNER

1. Goldeneye (Tina Turner)
2. The Goldeneye Overture
3. Ladies First
4. We Share The Same Passions
5. A Little Surprise For You
6. The Severnaya Suite
7. Our Lady Of Smolensk
8. Whispering Statues
9. Run, Shoot, And Jump
10. A Pleasant Drive In St Petersburg
11. Fatal Weakness
12. That's What Keeps You Alone
13. Dish Out Of Water
14. The Scale To Hell
15. For Ever, James
16. The Experience Of Love

018 tnd_cd.jpg (22567 octets)
bulletTomorrow Never Dies
Musique : David ARNOLD
Chanson : Sheryl CROW

1. Tomorrow Never Dies (Sheryl Crow)
2. White Knight (Arnold David)
3. The Sinking Of The Devonshire (Arnold David)
4. Company Car (Arnold David)
5. Station Break (Arnold David)
6. Paris And Bond (Arnold David)
7. The Last Goodbye (Arnold David)
8. Hamburg Break In (Arnold David)
9. Hamburg Break Out (Arnold David)
10. Doctor Kaufman (Arnold David)
11. -3-Send (Arnold David)
12. Underwater Discovery (Arnold David)
13. Backseat Driver (Arnold David ; Gifford Alex)
14. Surrender (Lang K.D.)
15. James Bond Theme (Moby)

Critique : Une des plus belles B.O. de Bond qui marque l'arrivée de David Arnold ("Stargate") dans le monde de Bond après un demi-échec pour Eric Serra.
Un film très rythmé, beaucoup de plages très rapides. Le pré-gén est excellent (marché d'armes à la frontière russe). La poursuite en BMW grandiose, et le "love theme" impeccable. Du grand David Arnold comme jamais il n'y en a eu.
Le James Bond Theme remixé par Moby est également très bien.
Saluons aussi la sortie au même moment du "David Arnold' James Bond Project", album sur lequel on trouve différentes chansons réorchestrées et des thèmes des films comme "Au service secret de sa majesté" ou "les diamants sont éternels" remixés.
bulletThe World Is Not Enough
Musique : David ARNOLD
Chanson : Garbage

1. The world is not enough (performed by Garbage) 
2. Show me the money 
3. Come in 007, your time is up 
4. Access denied 
5. M's confession 
6. Welcome to Baku 
7. Casino 
8. Ice bandits 
9. Elektra's theme 
10. Body double 
11. Going down - the bunker 
12. Pipeline 
13. Remember pleasure 
14. Caviar factory 
15. Torture queen 
16. I never miss 
17. Submarine 
18. Christmas in Turkey 
19. Only myself to blame (performed by Scott Walker) 

Critique :
Très belle musique de pré-gén (la poursuite en bateau sur la Tamise). Pour le reste c'est moins bien que "Demain ne meurt jamais", plus plat. A noter aussi le thème de la bombe nucléaire (séquence avec Pierce Brosnan et Denise Richards, c'est elle la bombe ??) qui sera repris dans la B.O. de "Meurs un autre jour".
020 dad_cd.jpg (23512 octets)

dad_madonna_cd.jpg (24808 octets)

dad_madonna_cd1.jpg (23459 octets)

dad_madonna_cd2.jpg (24628 octets)

bulletDie Another Day
Musique : David ARNOLD
Chanson : Madonna

1. Die Another Day (Madonna)
2. James Bond Theme (Bond Vs Paul Oakenfold)
3. On The Beach
4. Hovercraft Chase
5. Some Kind Of Hero ?
6. Welcome To Cuba
7. Jinx Jordan
8. Jinx & James
9. A Touch Of Frost
10. Icarus
11. Laser Fight
12. Whiteout
13. Iced Inc.
14. Antonov
15. Going Down Together

Critique : A l'écoute isolée sans les explosions, elle parait meilleur cru que "le monde ne suffit pas" en tout cas, sauf la poursuite en bateau dans le pré-gén.
Beaucoup de références au "James bond theme" ; la chanson de Cuba est la plus originale, la plus locale aussi.

Très bonne piste de pré-gén (la 3).
Bien le remix du JBT de Paul Oakenfeld (pour ceux qui ont aussi la BO de "Opération Espadon / Swordfish" signée "PO", ils pourront comparer).
Pour l'ensemble, ça va avec le film ; c'est modernisé, ronflant et américanisé ; ça manque même parfois de légèreté. Reste un joli morceau de piano et l'utilisation des choeurs, notamment sur la 10, la 12 et la 14 (déjà utilisé dans "octobre rouge", "le pacificateur" ou encore "Star wars : la menace fantôme"). La 13 est la plus électronique de toutes.
Conclusion : David Arnold a encore du travail pour rattraper John Williams ("l'attaque des clones"), James Horner ("Jeux de guerre" ; "Danger immédiat") ou Hans Zimmer ("mission impossible 2"), mais il est sur la bonne voix !

La BO de "Demain ne meurt jamais" signée David Arnold / Moby reste la meilleure des Pierce Brosnan.

Madonna :
Madonna propose la chanson-titre du film sur 3 disques, 1 maxi-cd de 6 titres et 2 maxi-cd de 3 titres :
Maxi-CD 6 titres :
1. Die Another Day (radio Edit)
2. Die Another Day (dirty Vegas Main Mix)
3. Die Another Day (thee Retrolectro Mix)
4. Die Another Day (thunderpuss Club Mix)
5. Die Another Day (deepsky Remix)
6. Die Another Day (brother Brown's Bond-age Club)

CD1 3 titres :
1. Die Another Day (radio Edit)
2. Die Another Day (thunderpuss Club Mix)
3. Die Another Day (thee Retrolectro Mix)

CD2 3 titres :
1. Die Another Day (radio Edit)
2. Die Another Day (dirty Vegas Main Mix)
3. Die Another Day (deepsky Edit)

  best-of-bond_cd.jpg (21498 octets)

The Best of James Bond (édition 2002)

1. James Bond theme (from Dr. No) [BARRY, JOHN & ORCHESTRA]
2. Goldfinger (from Goldfinger) [BASSEY, SHIRLEY]
3. Nobody does it better (from The spy who loved me) [SIMON, CARL]
4. A view to a kill (from A view to a kill) [DURAN DURAN]
5. For your eyes only (from For your eyes only) [EASTON, SHEENA]
6. We have all the time in the world (from On her majesty's secret service) [ARMSTRONG, LOUIS]
7 Live and let die (from Live and let die) [MCCARTNEY, PAUL & WINGS]
8. All time high (from Octopussy) [COOLIDGE, RITA]
9. The living daylights (from The living daylights) [A-HA]
10. Licence to kill (from Licence to kill) [KNIGHT, GLADYS]
11. From Russia with love (from From Russia with love) [MUNRO, MATT]
12. Thunderball (from Thunderball) [JONES, TOM]
13. You only live twice (from You only live twice) [SINATRA, NANCY]
14. Moonraker (from Moonraker) [BASSEY, SHIRLEY]
15. On her majesty's secret service (from On her majesty's secret service) [JOHN BARRY ORCHESTRA (THE)]
16. The man with the golden gun (from The man with the golden gun) [LULU]
17. Diamonds are forever (from Diamonds are forever) [BASSEY, SHIRLEY]
18. Goldeneye (from Goldeneye) [TURNER, TINA]
19. Tomorrow never dies (from Tomorrow never dies) [CROW, SHIRLEY]
20. The world is not enough (from The world is not enough) [GARBAGE]
21. James Bond theme (from Tomorrow never dies) [MOBY]
22. James Bond theme (Goldeneye trailer version) (Previously unreleased)

  shaken-stirred_cd.jpg (22890 octets)

Shaken and Stired - the David Arnold James Bond Project (David Arnold)

1. Diamonds are forever [featuring David McCALMONT]
2. Nobody does it better (from Dr. No) [featuring Aimee MANN]
3. Space March (from Dr. No) [featuring LETFIELD]
4. All time high (from Dr. No) [featuring PULP]
5. Moonraker (from Dr. No) [featuring Shara NELSON]
6. James Bond theme (from Dr. No) [featuring LTJ BUKEM]
7. Live and let die (from Dr. No) [featuring Chrissie HYNDE]
8. Thunderball (from Dr. No) [featuring Martin FRY]
9. From Russia with love (from Dr. No) [featuring Natacha ATLAS]
10. On her majesty's secret service (from Dr. No) [featuring PROPELLERHEADS]
11. We have all the time in the world (from Dr. No) [featuring Iggy POP]



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